Marketing, Partnership, BD, and Entrepreneurial Leader

Arte Merritt leads Conversational AI Partnerships at AWS. He was the CEO and Co-founder of Dashbot, an analytics platform for chatbots and voice assistants, which he led to 20,000 customers, 90 billion messages processed, and multiple acquisition offers. His annual Superbot conference was one of the most recognized in the chatbot and voice assistant space. Previously, he founded the mobile analytics platform, Motally, which he led to a successful exit via sale to Nokia. Arte has more than 25 years experience in the analytics space, working with companies like Yahoo Mobile, Turner Broadcasting, and a wide variety of startups. Arte is an MIT alum.

Writings have appeared in VentureBeat, Chatbot Magazine, Hackernoon, and more

Speaking engagements include MWC, SXSW, MobileBeat, VoiceSummit, World AI Cannes Festival, and more

Projects include PiRobot NLU modeling, Dashbot chatbot analytics, Motally mobile analytics, and more.