The following are examples of entrepreneurial projects Arte worked on.

Barcode App

The barcode application displayed barcodes on palm pilots and other mobile devices to alleviate the need to carry store loyalty or membership cards. I built a prototype and filed the patent for it in early 2001.

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Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a community for those interested in chatbots and voice assistants. The community features events, a newsletter, and a publication. Learn more at Conversational AI.


Dashbot was the leading analytics platform for chatbots, voice skills, and any other conversational interface. In addition to traditional metrics like engagement and retention, Dashbot provided conversation specific analytics like NLP response effectiveness, sentiment analysis, and message funnels. In addition, Dashbot had tools to take action on the data, like a live person take over when sessions go awry.


FelixFoto was a photo album application for BlackBerry devices in the early 2000's. At the time, BlackBerry didn't have a photo album or photo viewer so FelixFoto filled a missing need. Shortly after launching FelixFoto, BlackBerry started rolling out a photo album with new OS's.

Got Schemes?

GotSchemes was a database of URL schemes and parameters for mobile deep linking.

Mobile Elevator Manager

Mobile Elevator Manager was a mobile application for Elevator Service companies. It allowed field mechanics to look up repair history of elevators and elevator specifications, enter work performed, and manage jobs. I created the application in 2001 and the application was still in use by an elevator company in the US in 2009.


The MeToo Network was a social network for kids featuring the first, safe, web-based email service for kids - built in the mid 90s during the "dot com" heyday. In addition to email, the site featured games, chat rooms, interviews, and places for kids to post artwork and stories.

MIT Wireless Forum

The MITWF was a monthly speaker series focusing on mobile and wireless topics. We had over 600 members in Boston and New York and speakers came from all over the country to talk with our group. I was the Chairman and co-founder of the MITWF, growing the team from one to more than 12 volunteers, including a PR agent.


Modentify was a mobile Data Management Platform of user interest profiles.


MoFoxy was a mobile survey and feedback platform. The SDK enabled developers to push out surveys to users as well as collect user feedback. The surveys were native to create a seamless user experience.


Momentum was Mobile Monday's 12 week accelerator program focused on mobile startups. I co-founded the program and raised an initial round of funding from Samsung, Paypal, Intuit, and WSGR. Two of the startups were acquired and one raised ~10M.


Motally was a mobile analytics platform for mobile apps and mobile websites. The service enabled publishers and developers to learn more about their users, optimize product offerings, and maximize ROI on ad campaigns. I founded the company, raised a Series A from BRV and Ron Conway, and ran the company for two years leading it to one of the top mobile analytics companies in the industry. Nokia acquired Motally in 2010 was a college application essay and review service. We critiqued college application essays, we did not write or rewrite them, as that is unethical. In the late 90s MyEssay was the leading college application essay review service. I co-founded MyEssay and led the product and technical initiatives. MyEssay included a web-based workflow system for routing the essays to readers, which allowed us to scale dramatically.

Pi Robot

Pi Robot is a platform for building an analyzing NLP Models. Analyze an existing NLP model to identify potential issues including training phrase conflicts, overlapping Intents, and duplicate phrases. Cluster log files into potential Intents and training phrases.


Popularitics was a trading simulation game in which you could buy and sell politicians as if they were stock! This was made in the mid 90s "dot com" heyday.


Puzzelar was a simple strategy board game, similar to checkers or Connect Four.


Reconify enables actionable insights to analyze and optimize Generative AI applications.


Shnork was a mobile, social, photo sharing site, during the early days of mobile (pre-iPhone). Users received text messages with a theme and took photos corresponding to the theme. Everyone could view and rate the photos taken.

Superbot Conference

Superbot was the premier, annual conference for chatbots and voice assistants, featuring industry experts and thought leaders from around the world.


Thumbdrop was an app discovery app that enabled users to discover new apps based on what their friends had installed.


Towza was a mobile portal with a federated search component, back during the mobile "WAP" days. The portal contained links to mobile specific versions of popular websites. The search component returned results from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, and Yelp.

ugc DB

UgcDb, the "User Generated Content Database," was similar to IMDB for user-generated content. The database cross-referenced content creators, actors, and others involved in the creation process of user generated video content. is a platform for betting amongst friends.


Zetre is a mathematical card and dice game. The dice are rolled, and users take turns making combinations of the dice to equal cards in their hand. It's a great game for teaching kids math. Schools all over the US and UK used the game in their classrooms. In the process of inventing the game, I learned how to write a patent, which I wrote and filed the patent myself. I exhibited the game at the International Toy Fair in NYC and had quite a few stores and catalog companies carry it.